Search hints

Search is possible in English, Chinese, Spanish and Russian. It is possible to search and filter using any combinations of the terms from the following groups:

  1. Abiotic stress or stress group name, like salt stress or climatic stress
  2. Adjuvant, like soil or palm oil
  3. Author or inventor name, like Zhang or Brown
  4. Binomial name (latin name) of a plant, like Zea mays or Solanum lycopersicum
  5. Biopolymer type, like chitooligosaccharide or chitosan
  6. Biostimulant class, like humic acid, organic compound, bacteria, nanoparticles, ...
  7. Biostimulant commercial name, like ReTain or Symbivit
  8. Biostimulant name, like citric acid or proline
  9. Chemical formula, like C2H5OH or NaHS
  10. Common name of a plant, like wheat or strawberry
  11. Cultivar name of a plant, like Nipponbare or Williams
  12. Development stage of a plant related to the result or application, like germination or flowering
  13. Document type: article or patent
  14. Family name (latin or common) of a plant, like Poaceae or legumes
  15. Humic/fulvic acids source, like leonardite or sewage sludge
  16. Investigated parameter or its group name, like germination rate or growth regulation
  17. Journal title (abbreviated), like J. Plant Growth Regul. or Sci. Hortic.
  18. Microorganism function, like PGPR or AMF
  19. Microorganism name, like Funneliformis mosseae or Rhizophagus intraradices
  20. Object of measurement or its group name, like superoxide dismutase or phytoalexins
  21. Origin of biostimulant, like Ascophyllum nodosum or cattle blood
  22. Patent applicant, like Bayer CropScience or Syngenta Participations
  23. Plant genus (first word from latin name), like Prunus or Populus
  24. Plant group, like cereals or ornamentals
  25. Plant part under research, like root or stem
  26. Provider of biostimulant, like Sigma or Italpollina
  27. Route of biostimulant administration, like foliar spray or seed treatment
  28. Type of protection in experiment, like greenhouse or growth chamber
  29. Type of substrate in experiment, like soil or hydroponics

If several terms from the same group are searched for then they are treated with logical OR operator. Different groups treated with logical AND operator. For example, if you enter 4 terms: “tomato”, “cucumber”, “melon”, “germination rate”, then it means for the database as the following: “(tomato or cucumber or melon) and germination rate”. This query yields all data on germination rate for those three cultures.

If you need to exclude any terms from your main query (to treat them with logical NOT operator) then type them in “Exclude terms” field.